The Concealer Series: Laura Mercier Undercover Pot

Since starting the Concealer Series a little while ago, I tried to write a post every Tuesday reviewing a new concealer and my thoughts, but this just proved to be a little much and so I've decided instead to post this series whenever I have one to review. Today I'm reviewing Laura Mercier's famous Undercover Pot which I've been using for the past few months.

I'd been wanting to try this concealer for such a long time after hearing that it's basically a miracle worker for dark circles. It's described as an 'innovative and travel-friendly pot for flawless touch ups'.  It contains a secret camouflage concealer on the left for blemishes and a secret concealer on the right to combat under-eye circles, as well as a loose setting powder in the bottom of the pot.

Price and Packaging

To be honest the first thing that I noticed about this product was the price! At £29 it was no cheap buy and the most I have ever paid for a concealer. Having said that Laura Mercier is a high end brand with great quality products, and the Undercover Pot is no exception. Having used it for around 5 months now there is still quite a lot of product left and it does essentially give you three products nicely rolled into one. The packaging is lovely, plus sturdy, and so great for travel or doing makeup on the go. You simply pop open the lid for the actual concealer and then unscrew the pot for the powder.

Consistency and Wear

A great plus is that there are quite a few shades to choose from and I even found one for someone as pale skinned as me (often a hard task with high street brands). The camouflage concealer for blemishes is heavy duty and does a great job of hiding any spots, and staying put for most of the day. The salmon colour of the secret concealer is also completely perfect for concealing under eye discoloration, even more so than Benefit's Boi-ing I would say! Both are also smooth and creamy consistencies, making an easy application, and the powder is also incredibly fine and blends in amazingly. The only problem I have encountered though is that... wow does this concealer crease. If I don't apply setting powder straight after applying this then I definitely would not be able to wear it, a bit of a shame for such a stand out product.

All in all, this is a lovely product in well designed packaging that conveniently combines three things into one simple pot. If you want an easy, on the go product for blemishes, under eye circles and powder to set them both for the whole day then this is for you. The only drawbacks for me would be the price and how easily I've found the under eye concealer to crease.

You can find the Undercover Pot here and here.


  1. It is expensive but if it works then that is the main thing, I hate spending a lot of money on something for it not to work. I agree with you the packaging is super, I might give this a go one day :)
    Great preview and great pics!!

    1. Yeah it is true, I think it is more of a splurge product, but all areas of concealing are definitely covered with it :p Thanks :) x

  2. Undereye concealers that crease are the bane of my life! Saying that, I do really like the look of this one - is the setting powder that's with it finely milled? x


    1. Haha me too! Yeah it is a really lovely product and it has lasted me ages :) The powder is very finely milled, it blends in nicely and sets both concealers really well x

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  4. Hi. What number is this pot? UC-1? UC-2? I'm trying to choose one, but there are no stores in my city to see it in real. Your photo is really nice)

  5. I love this! The powder is soo fine and amazing! I don't use the concealers much anymore because I have concealers that I like better but after trying the powder in this little pot I'm considering buying a full size. x


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