Lush Giveaway Winner and A Little Update

Hey girls, firstly I want to say thanks to everyone who entered the Lush giveaway. After tallying up all the entries I randomly selected a winner, who is....Angie ! Congrats and I will be sending you an email straight away :)

Now I just also wanted to say that you may have noticed I never posted the first 'Concealer Series' post like I'd promised on the 1st March. This is because I've actually decided that I need a little break from blogging due to my absolutely crazy uni work schedule at the moment (including a very scary looking dissertation). This does not mean at all that I am giving up blogging completely, but just that for this month there will be no more posts. 

Thanks for sticking with me this far and I will be back in April with a number of things to come, most definitely including the concealer series! ;) In the mean time if you have any suggestions or ideas for future posts when I get back from my 'blogcation' then I would love to read them :). Hope you're all having a lovely week! xx

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