New Product Discovery Round-up & Catch-up

I can't believe it's been several months since my last post, and whilst I haven't unfortunately been writing about my latest finds here, behind the scenes I am ever still the green-beauty addict, with a towering load of products always present. I'm more than excited now to be getting back onto the blogging bandwagon, and as there's so much to catch-up on I thought I'd start with just a few of the products I've discovered during this period that have become my absolute favourites, as well as ones I'm about to try for the coming summer months.


Herbfarmacy Organic Skincare Review

For a few weeks now I've had the pleasure to try out some products from herbfarmacy. I'd long wanted to try out products from the brand, a good many of which are geared towards sensitive skin and eczema, so really couldn't wait to open the jars and pots, and lavish in all the natural goodness. 


A Slight Tea Addiction #2

My tea cupboard situation is getting ridiculous. When I open the door, I often find myself bracing for impact from a mini avalanche of boxes...although that can often be put down to laziness when putting them away I will admit. As you can tell from the picture, I'm a huge herbal tea addict. Not only are they a calming and relaxing aid, but also often contain beneficial properties for both overall health and skin health. So here's the second official round of my current tea addiction...


OneSelf Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume Collection Review

Today I'm reviewing the much buzzed about organic Hawaiian Flower Lei perfume collection* from OneSelf. Capi, the brand owner, got in touch with me a little while ago asking if I'd like to review this lovely set, and of course I couldn't wait. 


Food, Glorious Food - Recent Finds and Brand Discoveries

Whilst I'm not going to state I'm ultra-healthy (or, well any where near it), I've taken strides to be a little more conscious about what's going into my body these past few months, whilst also making the journey towards being a fully-fledged vegan, one step at a time. Along the way I've come across amazingly tasty products and alternatives to main stream items from some great brands in the ever-expanding natural market. Here's a little peek into some of my most recent discoveries and current food addictions...

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